"Error writing to registry key" during installation

Started by Conrad

Good day,

I am trying to install Networx 5.5.5 on my work pc. At the end of the installation, I get the following message:
"Error writing to registry key:
RegSetValueEx failed; code 5.
Access is denied.
Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway, or Abort to cancel installation."

I have right-clicked on the file to run as administrator but same result. I am logged in as administrator and have full permission. I am currently running Windows 7 Professional with SP1

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Re: "Error writing to registry key" during installation   18 July 2017, 19:31

Most likely you have an antivirus or antimalware product that denies the installer's attempt to create a key for automatic startup.

You can simply ignore this error and create a startup shortcut manually if you want NetWorx to start with Windows.

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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