Monitoring newbie questions

Started by munrobasher

Monitoring newbie questions   15 September 2017, 22:11

Newbie questions!

  1. Does Networx monitor network activity when not logged in, i.e. is it running as a service itself?
  2. Does it monitor data transferred by Windows services or just processes of the logged in user?
  3. How is the users button supposed to work? I installed Networx on my PC as my normal domain account rob.nicholson and this account is shown in the drop down list. However, I've just logged on as a local account and that isn't appearing in the drop down list?
  4. Finally, just to clarify the websites tab - this simply lists the IP addresses/reverse DNS lookups of *any* servers that the computer has communicated with?

I'm trying to help a friend track down excessive bandwidth usage of his BT internet connection where he's started exceeding his 40GB/month limit.

Thanks, Rob.

Re: Monitoring newbie questions   15 September 2017, 22:30

Just answering my own question #4 - yes, the web-sites tabs certainly shows any activity carried out by any user on the computer. For example, I switched to and download Ubuntu at 1.58GB and it's shown when I switch back to main account. Still can only see one user in the drop down box though.
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Re: Monitoring newbie questions   15 September 2017, 22:32

Please see below:
  1. No, NetWorx is a regular app, not a service. It only runs when a user is logged in.
  2. When it does, it monitors all processes in the system, including services and those from other users logged at the same time.
  3. With multiple users using the computer at different times it will show a break down by user. However when more than one user is logged at the same time, all usage will be attributed to the first logged in user. If that user logs out, then everything will be attributed to the next logged user and so on. This is because it is impossible to tell which user the usage originates from.
  4. Yes, it shows top 20 apps and top 20 reverse-resolved host names of any servers that the PC communicated with. To see all of them, you can change Top applications and web-sites in the hidden settings.

Re: Monitoring newbie questions   15 September 2017, 22:44

Thanks for the rapid reply. That clears everything up. Will just ask my friend to stay logged in all the time the PC is on. Cheers, Rob.

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