Live / realtime ISP bandwidth monitoring

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Live / realtime ISP bandwidth monitoring   15 December 2017, 11:47

I have installed NetWorx on a server at a client site, but I do not see live / real-time ISP bandwidth monitoring, only calculated usage. We had hopes to verify that the client ISP was not dropping the download / upload rates they were paying for throughout the week. Can you please assist?
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Re: Live / realtime ISP bandwidth monitoring   15 December 2017, 12:41

Sorry I am not quite sure what you mean by real-time bandwidth monitoring:
  • If you are actively using your connection, then the bandwidth can be seen in the real-time graph. You can open the graph at any time and see if you are getting the promised numbers.
  • If you are NOT actively using your connection, the connection is simply idling. The NetWorx app has no way of knowing what bandwidth is available unless it actually performs a speed test with downloading and uploading some data. This can be done in the Speed Meter.
My understanding is that you would like to perform the Speed Test automatically, say every hour or every 10 minutes and then plot it to a chart to see how available bandwidth changes throughout the week. If so, it is a very good idea - we can add this feature to NetWorx.
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Re: Live / realtime ISP bandwidth monitoring   22 December 2017, 14:53

Scheduled speed testing has been added to the latest version of NetWorx. You can download the latest build here.

Then you can simply set up scheduled scanning as shown below and you will get a report and a chart of the speeds:

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