Option to move vertical axis labels to other end of the graph

Started by Tobias

I recently purchased Networx 6.1.0 after getting the Reserve Screen Space Feature from you. Thank you very much for that. It really already pays off not having to manually drag Windows anymore.

However I have another wish and if it is not too presumptuous, like to get this implemented. My graph is docked at the lower Screen and the graph "intake" (where the most current values are shifted in) is on the right end but the vertical axis descriptions (the MB/s axis) is on the far left end. It is difficult for me to immediately see how much traffic is used currently because the "Action" happens far away from its "Measurement" on screen.

Would it be possible to shift the vertical axis text to the same side as the most current graph is drawn - to the side where the vertical usage bars are jumping? - The function to flip the complete graph doesn't solve the problem here as it just flips sides but the axis description is still on the far end.
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Re: Option to move vertical axis labels to other end of the graph   22 December 2017, 17:13

Sure, it makes sense - thank you for another useful suggestion for NetWorx. We have just implemented this in the latest builds.

The app defaults to the new way, i.e. showing the vertical axis at the beginning of the graph, but that can be changed to the old behaviour in the NetWorx hidden settings.

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