Speed meter is running, but the graph shows no traffic

Started by Stefan

Speed meter has the bouncing sausage trying to say it's doing something, but the network graph is showing no traffic. It also selects a testing server whose IP I cannot change (or find so I can ping it to see if it's up).
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Re: Speed meter is running, but the graph shows no traffic   09 June 2018, 10:26

If you have the Ignore local traffic within in the LAN option ticked, that's the expected behaviour. The network driver ignores any usage initiated by NetWorx itself. It can make the total figures less accurate, but unfortunately it's the decision of the driver's developers (we use a third-party driver). If this is your case, just wait a few minutes for the test to finish.

If you are using version 6.1 or below, there was a condition that could result in a Speed Test taking hours to finish. This has been fixed in the newer versions. If this is your case, please update to the latest version.

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