How display WiFi traffic graph on Debian

Started by adrian too

adrian too

How display WiFi traffic graph on Debian   15 June 2018, 18:16

I have been using NetWorx on Windows for many years without any problems.

Now I set up Linux Debian 9 -- 64 bit on a Lenovo T61. How do I set the NetWorx 1.0.3 64 bit to get the graph to indicate traffic via WIFI? I am getting incoming data in WIFI, but no graph. The graph works fine on a wired connection. Can anyone please help?

Many thanks
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Re: How display WiFi traffic graph on Debian   18 June 2018, 15:53

The graphs should work in the same way for wired and wireless connections. The Linux version of NetWorx supports one graph per connection, meaning you could have two graphs displayed: one for WiFi and one for Ethernet.

If you share some screen shots, I may be able to advise with more specifics.

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