How to set up router monitoring via SNMP

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How to set up router monitoring via SNMP   12 September 2018, 10:03


I am trying to set up router monitoring via SNMP in NetWorx. My router (D-Link DIR-825ACG1) has support for it. I have the option to add SNMP communities and users. But I don't know what to add. The router's manual doesn't say anything.

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I tried the UPnP option, but it has problems of its own -- the router stops sending inbound traffic data after some time, so I get only upload speeds. I've checked this with two PCs (64-bit Windows 10) on the same network -- the download speed drops off to zero simultaneously.

The UPnP thing seems to be a router issue (I'll try it out again), but getting SNMP monitoring to work would be great.
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Re: How to set up router monitoring via SNMP   12 September 2018, 10:09

You are right about UPnP problems: many UPnP implementations come with a bug where they used a 32-bit integer for recording uploads and downloads. When they hit a 2 GB or 4 GB mark, the counters stop going up or turn negative, which can be seen as stopped monitoring.

SNMP is usually more reliable in this regard. To enable it in your D-Link router configuration, most likely you just need to flip the switch next to SNMP service status to the 'on' position. Then add a single community with the name public. If asked about read/write rights, choose read-only.

Re: How to set up router monitoring via SNMP   16 September 2018, 09:32


I did what you suggested. I'm happy to report back that it worked. Networx provided a large list of WAN interfaces to choose from, so I trialled-and-errored my way to the correct interface. In this case, the correct one was "eth1". (There was also "eth0", but it seemingly swapped upload and download rates.)

Thanks for the quick and useful response!

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