App for monitoring Internet connection performance

Started by Tim

Hi, I am interested in your NetWorx app. I am looking for a program to monitor the speed of my Internet connections.

I want to know how the connection is preforming compared to the rated speed of the connection. For example, a 100mbs connection is available at X real speed (hopefully it is really 100mbs) at timed intervals. Can NetWorx app monitor the available connection speed of Internet connections?

Another question: my initial tests on the Speed Meter are coming back with very low speeds. Maybe it is something to do with the current utilization measurements? Please advise.

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Re: App for monitoring Internet connection performance   10 April 2019, 10:42

Yes, that is exactly what NetWorx's Speed Meter feature is for: it tests the real speed of your connection by downloading and uploading some data from a server nearby. It can also be configured to run the tests periodically, for example every 10 minutes or once an hour.

Regarding the low speeds you see, that's likely because, by default, the results are displayed in megabytes per second, while you may be expecting megabits per second. You can switch to (mega)bits by selecting your preferred Transfer rate unit in NetWorx Graph Settings.

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