How to make NetWorx display download/upload numbers in the taskbar

Started by Paul

Hi There,
I hope you are well. I have just got two new computers, a laptop and a new self build desktop - not a budget build. Having used NetWorx for years (and find it invaluable) I though it time to buy a copy.

I have previously used an older freeware version with no problems. Before purchasing, I decided to try the latest version on my new machines as I was setting them up. Surprisingly, I have a problem I have never seen before. The icon in the taskbar notification area shows no network data, only the logo. I normally have this set to show up/download in numerical form. The program seems to work OK in all other ways, just no data numbers in the taskbar. I have tried all possible combinations of settings. Then I tried my older free version and it does the same, on both machines.

Can you help? I am baffled. NetWorx always worked fine on my old HP laptop and an old AMD rig with a Gigabyte motherboard. I need to get this sorted because your software is very valuable to me for monitoring the network, and I would like to buy a copy ASAP, when this is resolved.

I hope you can help and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time and Excellent products.

Very Best Regards,
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Re: How to make NetWorx display download/upload numbers in the taskbar   01 July 2019, 11:02

That's pretty odd as NetWorx is generally well-tested and should work on any machine. I am guessing the reason your NetWorx icon shows nothing is in how it was configured. There two related options:
  • A setting under Settings - Graph - Graph in tray icon. Once activated, the static icon will be replaced with animated bars or lines representing traffic usage.
  • An extension called a desk band, and that's probably what you are after. It looks a small chart shown in the task bar and it is described at the bottom of this page in the user manual. To turn this feature on, right-click an empty space on the task bar and choose Toolbars - NetWorx Desk Band. For this feature, you need to be running the installer edition on NetWorx (not the portable).

    This is what NetWorx Desk Band looks like:
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Yes...Fixed it! I forgot about the desk band. It slipped my mind because I had not done a setup for about two years.

Thanks so much for your help, as soon as I can (during the week) I will order a licence - you deserve it, as far as I know your software is unique, it has been difficult without it functioning properly - PEBCAC smile

Thanks for all your help - Top Class!

Take Care,

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