Installing NetWorx on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Started by Alain


Installing NetWorx on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   23 March 2020, 13:56

I bought NetWorx on 22 Dec 2018. I have installed it on two Windows 10, 64 bit PCs without any problems.

Now, I would like to install it on an older 32 bit PC working with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. First I downloaded the networx_linux_amd64.deb package. The installation under Linux did not succeed (nothing appeared), probably because of the 32 bit system. So I have downloaded the last Windows portable version of NetWorx and I tried to run it under Wine environment. A floating point error. Finally, I downloaded an older NetWorx version (5.5.5 portable) and tried to run the exe file under Wine. In this case, NetWorx opened normally, but I could not obtain any network connection, and the graph remaining empty. The settings are grayed out and therefore cannot be modified.

Do you have a solution?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards,
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Re: Installing NetWorx on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   23 March 2020, 14:13

I am afraid we only have builds for x64 architecture. Offering builds for other platforms would mean more time and resources dedicated to testing and maintenance, while the market share of desktop Linux is very small, and the market share of non-64-bit systems is now even smaller.

However, our Windows programs normally run well under Wine. In your case try the following:
  1. Update Wine to version 5.0.
  2. In NetWorx, go to the Hidden Settings and set Physical Adapters Only to False. Then restart it. This will ensure NetWorx detects all adapters, even those that are emulated.
Here is a screen shot of NetWorx v5.5.5 successfully running on Ubuntu 16.04, with the graph working properly:

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