How to resize and change colors of the tray graph

Started by James

On my old desktop computer, I have NetWorx graph in the tray icon area and it is about 2 inches wide. I like that feature vs the small square icon size.
On my new notebook, I can't figure out how to expand that tray icon graph like on the old computer. And, of course, I can't remember how it got, or I made it, wider in the tray.

In my perfect world, there would also be a choice of background-color for the tray graph. Light grey ? I do a lot of work at night with the computer screen in night
mode. The bright white background of the graph is like a flashlight constantly shining into my eyes.

I'll appreciate any direction about how to change the appearance and customize the tray icon graph.
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Re: How to resize and change colors of the tray graph   30 June 2020, 11:00

If you are referring to the graph in the notification area, next to the clock, like this:

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then to resize the graph, you may need to unlock your Windows taskbar first. Simply right-click an empty space on the taskbar and untick the Lock the taskbar menu item. Then resize the graph and lock the taskbar again. You can also turn the whole graph on and off by right-clicking the taskbar and choosing Toolbars - NetWorx Desk Band.

And you can adjust the colours of the graph any way you like. Simply visit the Graph Colours tab in NetWorx settings:

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Thank you very much!

My compliments for your NetWorx software. I am an unsophisticated single personal-only user. Honestly, I don't know enough to understand your other network solutions. But because I get all of my internet connections via cell phone hotspots, knowing when I am connected and when not has been a huge frustration-saver for me.

Your software and, now, your responsiveness are very much admired here.

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