Clarity/contrast of tray icon histogram

Started by Chris H.

Chris H.

Clarity/contrast of tray icon histogram   12 May 2022, 12:48


I just installed version 7.0 on my desktop, and noticed that the tray icon histogram appears to now provide much less contrast compared to 6.2.10. My laptop (also Win11) is still on 6.2.10, and the red/green/yellow against white is so much clearer than the grey these now set against on my desktop. Both use 4k displays, so the icon is fairly small compared to the whole display; good contrast is very important in my case.

The mouseover Current Transfer Rate has also been removed, only available now by left-clicking the icon. This also seems to always display 0.0Mbits both up and down, despite the graph itself clearly demonstrating activity. Is there any way I can restore the mouse-over behaviour?

The tray icon is the only Networx feature I regularly use, so any degradation here will have a major impact.

Kind regards.
Chris H
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Re: Clarity/contrast of tray icon histogram   12 May 2022, 15:32

Thank you for your feedback. The poor contrast may be due to the choice of colours. If you choose a different colour scheme as shown below, it should be clearer. You can also set your own colours, to make the combination look as you feel best.

The reason the app was reporting 0.0 megabits while the notification area icon was showing activity was due to Windows always sending some data in the background, just a few kilobits/s. Now that the app defaults to megabits, as it makes comparison easier and doesn't distract the user by that background activity. You may have noticed that the floating graph has a minimum upper threshold around 1 megabit, so the background activity is not perceivable there.

We have just modified the tray icon graph to behave in the same way. Otherwise there will always be something shown as Windows continuously sends data back and forth. I recommend downloading the latest build and installing it over your current installation. Then the near-zero activity in megabits should be correctly shown on the icon.

Alternatively, if you don't like the megabit/s display, you can revert to automatic units. For that, go to the hidden options by pressing Ctrl + O (that's letter O) in the regular settings dialog, and change Display Format to zero.

Regarding showing information on mouse hover, that is something a few customers have asked for, so far. If there is more demand for it, we will definitely re-implement it anew.

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