How to close the graph via right click and remove its buttons

Started by Dave G

How can I get rid of the * + - < > buttons on the graph?

Also, in v6, right click on the graph used to close the graph. Where is the setting to enable this option? It is extra, and unnecessary, effort to move the mouse to the taskbar.

And a couple of minor points:
There used to be a double-click on the tray icon setting, I used it to open the Usage Report.
I thought in version 6 that I could set the graph direction left-to-right, but with the scale on the left.
Neither of these are important, but I thought I'd mention them.
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Re: How to close the graph via right click and remove its buttons   13 June 2022, 09:43

Thank you for your feedback.

We have added two new menu items as shown below. One closes the graph, the other shows/hides the toolbar. Note that the 'Close' item will only be shown when the graph does not have a title bar.

We have also updated the app to show the Y-axis as follows:
  • On the right for a right-to-left graph.
  • On the left for a left-to-right graph.
Please download the fresh build to see all these changes.

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Regarding the double-click action, it was removed as there were issues with the single-click action interference, because the double-click also invokes the single-click event on the first click. There was a workaround, but it was not cross-platform, and as we now also support macOS, the double-click action was removed.

However, you can open usage reports with a single-click instead, or assign a global hotkey to bring them up quickly whenever you need them.

Are the Close and Toolbar options unavailable when an SNMP target is being monitored with the graph floating on the desktop? Am I right in thinking that's why the title bar is in place?

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Re: How to close the graph via right click and remove its buttons   02 July 2022, 08:11

It looks like you have an older build installed that did not have this feature. If you download and install the latest build from here, the Toolbar menu item should be there.

However, the Close menu item will not be shown when the window title bar is present.

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Updated and sorted, thank you.

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