Settings and data are not saved when the application is closed

Started by NWuser

I am using portable NetWorx 7.0.2 on Windows 11, and for some reason it resets all its settings and data every time I close the app or turn my computer off. Next time I run NetWorx, I have to set the language and all other parameters all over again. On every launch I get this message:

The database location 'C:\Program Files\NetWorx\NetWorx.db3' is not writable or does not exist. NetWorx will use a temporary in-memory database whose contents will disappear upon exiting the application!
Unable to open the database file: unable to open database file

P.S. I am logged in Windows as an Administrator, so everything should be accessible and writable.
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Re: Settings and data are not saved when the application is closed   29 July 2022, 15:53

This happens because Windows does now allow other applications to create files in system directories.

Usually, a portable application comes as a stand-alone exe file. It works perfectly fine on its own, but for it to be able to remember your data, it needs to create other file(s) and write that information there. In your case, because you placed the portable NetWorx into "C:\Program Files", which is a system directory, Windows doesn't allow it to create the database file with your data and settings. That's why you keep losing them on every shutdown, and that's exactly what this message is trying to tell you:

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For the same reason, portable applications and other user files should never be placed into directories like "C:\Windows".

To solve this problem, simply create your own directory for all your portable apps, for example "C:\Portables". Then, to keep things neat and tidy, make a subdirectory for NetWorx in it, and put the portable networx.exe there.

Portable NetWorx creates its data files in the same directory where you placed its exe file. So, after the first launch, you will see additional files appearing there, and that's where all your settings and other data should be successfully stored and read upon the subsequent app launches.
Thank you so much for the detailed explanation!
I put networx.exe in C:\PortablePrograms\NW and everything works great now.

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