Compatibility with a VPN

Started by Alex


Compatibility with a VPN   01 September 2022, 11:35

Hi SoftPerfect Team,

I'm very interested in purchasing your software NetWorx! However, I have a question for you guys. I utilize a VPN and was wondering what the compatibility is like with running your software NetWorx simultaneously with a VPN?

Will this cause any issues with internet connectivity? Will it accurately give me usage details based on my VPN settings in terms of IP being utilized, etc…

Please let me know, I will purchase your software right away if there is no issues with running NetWorx with a VPN! Thanks!

Kind regards,
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Re: Compatibility with a VPN   01 September 2022, 11:55

It would really depend on the specific VPN client. Therefore it would be best to download the free trial and check how it works with your configuration.

Generally, it should be compatible with most VPN clients. However, we always recommend trying the software first, and purchasing a licence after that, if you are completely satisfied. That is why all our products have free trials.

Please download the fully-functional trial from NetWorx product page and give it a good run. Then, if everything works well for you, you are welcome to buy a licence.

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