Version crashes

Started by zed12

Version crashes   09 December 2022, 05:03

The test builds worked fine (where you added the registers), but not the latest release It crashes with 'on by default' exploit protection system settings. But not in the same way it did before. Before the program failed to even open. Now it opens then crashes.

[Crash dump]

I have strict security exploit protection settings. That is what caused the crashing last year. If I disable all exploit protections, it still crashes.
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Re: Version crashes   13 December 2022, 12:56

Thank you for reporting this issue and sending the additional information. It's likely that the problem is in the code that handles taskbar integration. We fixed some issues with it found in version 7.1, but it looks like it introduced a new issue that you are experiencing.

To confirm this theory we have compiled version 7.1.1 with taskbar code from 7.1. Please try the new build and let us know how it works.

Re: Version crashes   13 December 2022, 15:12

Yep, this one works perfectly, zero problems at all. Thank you for your diligence and patience.
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Version crashes - Fixed   13 December 2022, 16:07

We have just updated the code to fix the issues with 7.1 without introducing new ones. Please give the latest build a go and let us know how it works for you.

Re: Version crashes - Fixed   15 December 2022, 00:55

Thank you, excellent work, this is working flawlessly.

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