App randomly closes/crashes on macOS

Started by Mirco


App randomly closes/crashes on macOS   07 February 2023, 17:47

Good morning guys,

I'm a new NetWorx user on MacOS. I've been using it on Windows for years and I didn't have any problems at all. Since I started using MacOS, I feel like something is not working well, the app still randomly closes/crashes even though I've read that this problem has been fixed.

I'm using NetWorx app monitoring because I need to know which apps download more than the others, but I can't monitor the app remotely every hour to check if everything works.

Can anyone help me? I have the very last version of the app.


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Re: App randomly closes/crashes on macOS   07 February 2023, 19:34

That's not something we have been able to reproduce with the latest version, but we can have a look into it again.

Could you please tell me the following details?
  1. Version number of your NetWorx
  2. Version number of your macOS
  3. CPU type: M1 (Apple Silicon) or Intel
  4. How often or when does it crash?

Re: App randomly closes/crashes on macOS   08 February 2023, 00:38

Hi, here what you asked:

1. NetWorx version 7.1.1
2. MacOS Ventura 13.2
3. CPU type M1 on Mac Mini 2020
4. Not within a specific time, it comes randomly, after hours or just minutes... As soon as I see the app is closed, I relaunch it with remote assistant app (I'm far away from home) and I go back to my work. It doesn't crash with an error message, I just don't see it running in toolbar.

Thank you

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App randomly closes/crashes on macOS - Solved   09 February 2023, 14:56

Unfortunately these crashes are still a mystery since we cannot reproduce them. However we have added a workaround. Now upon launch the app will spawn a second process to watch itself. In case of any unexpected termination, it should gracefully restart the app without any inconvenience for the user.

Please download the new build and let us know how it works for you.

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