How to monitor multiple adapters and get their usage summary

Started by Denny

Upon the first launch, NetWorx displays a welcome dialog where the user can choose the language and the monitoring mode that better suits their needs:
  • monitor a local network adapter or a network interface on the router (this option will not let you see what apps are using your connection), or
  • monitor network apps on your computer and disregard any local traffic (this option is not available in the portable package).
The user can change the initial selection in the settings later.

If the server is equipped with multi-network adapters, how can I sum up the whole network flow of the server for a day, week and month?
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Re: How to monitor multiple adapters and get their usage summary   03 October 2023, 13:03

It's quite easy: simply add the adapters you want to monitor under Mode - Settings... on the Main tab in Settings. By default any usage report includes data from all adapters, but you can also choose a specific one if you wish.

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