What do connection test failures mean?

Started by Axel


What do connection test failures mean?   12 March 2024, 14:45

We are currently testing the NetWorx tool because we are having problems with internet failures.

How often does the ping run? At what distance? And to which remote station?

We see regular failures in the tool and don't know whether it's a drop on our end or an error on the remote testing site. We'd like to know what exactly the tool does.
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Re: What do connection test failures mean?   12 March 2024, 14:50

If you are referring to Connection Monitor, it pings three highly available servers:, and These are public DNS servers.
  • The hosts are pinged in a loop approximately every 10 seconds.
  • All three hosts (,, and are pinged at each interval.
  • Downtime is logged if all three pings fail within a single round.
So if none of these hosts responded, it either means that the Internet is experiencing global connectivity issues, or more likely it's your local connection failure.

You could simply open a command prompt, type
ping -t
and see what it returns. It's also possible to keep the ping going in background.

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