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Re: Browser cache relocation for multiple profiles, with specified size

3 days ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

We don't really know, it's better to ask in the Chrome community. I suppose if you pass --disk-cache-dir and --disk-cache-size, it will apply to the newly created process and its child processes. That is, the effect will be per profile, but again, it's best to ask the Google's community.

Re: Creditential Manager

10 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

It depends on what kind of scan you are using the credentials for, but generally Domain\User or User@Domain should work.

Re: Support for video (GPU) RAM disks

20 days ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

The rationale for not using GPU is basically what you have just mentioned: It's much slower than RAM and may even be slower than SSDs. It's expensive as GPUs with a lot of VRAM doubled and tripled in price recently. I am not familiar with the "32 GB barrier", e.g. we have a system here with 96 GB of RAM and it's 5 years old. Most modern motherboards should support over 32 GB RAM, e

Re: Feature Request: IP range open and collapse

24 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

It would be difficult to implement as the current implementation assumes that devices are at the root level in the tree and shares folders are at the second level. Anyway, if you want to hide some ranges from the flat list of devices, you can simply add a filter with IP address ranges of interest.

Re: What to do with an unrecognised device?

27 days ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

It's likely that device has a static IP address allocated to it, so it does not ask the router for an address. Normally IP addresses are either assigned automatically via router's DHCP server or manually. Probably your device has a manually assigned IP address.

Re: Motherboard RAM limitations

28 days ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

I am not sure, it may have been a different ramdisk product. Our RAM Disk can use as much RAM as Windows can use. If Windows somehow sees 128 GB on a 64 GB board, it will work. Otherwise it will not.

Re: Persistent RAM Disk with size larger than available RAM

4 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

A RAM Disk is a block storage that resides entirely in RAM, therefore it can't be larger than available RAM. I guess what you are looking for is a pass-through disk cache, in which case this product might help. Please note that we are not related to that company in any way, and this is not a recommendation or endorsement of that product, merely a suggestion.

Re: SNMP offline monitoring

4 weeks ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Unfortunately there is no way to get the offline data. The reason for that is download/upload counters in SNMP are 32-bit values, so they roll over every 4 GB transferred (2^32). Say, if when you turned off the computer the download counter was 100,000 and after you turned it back on it was 200,000 we cannot reliably tell how many times the counter rolled over during the time offline. In other

Re: RAM Disk and RAID 0

5 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

No I am afraid a RAM disk can't be used in RAID array. But even if it were possible, it would make little sense. While RAID0 can be created with disks of differing sizes, but the storage space added to the array by each disk is limited to the size of the smallest disk. For example, if a 16 GB RAM disk is striped together with a 100 GB SDD, the size of the array will be 32 GB (16 GB × 2). A

Re: Launch minimized to tray

5 weeks ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

Simply add the /hide parameter to wifiguard.exe. It will then start minimised. If no parameter is given, it assumes a regular start and shows its main window.

Re: Launch minimized to tray

5 weeks ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

It sounds like you are trying to automatically start WiFi Guard from your own shortcut or registry entry. Instead, simply tick the corresponding option in WiFi Guard's settings as shown below. After reboot it will start minimised to the notification area:

Re: IP address input field

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

We have fixed this IP input behaviour on 7 April 2021. Now, entering the dot will only advance the position if there is a filled octet. Therefore typing 192 (dot) 168 (dot) will enter 192.168. It is likely that you have an earlier build, in which case please download the latest builds.

Re: When is a new version going to be out?

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in Bandwidth Manager Forum

Bandwidth Manager is mostly feature-complete and therefore is not in active development. There will be a new version once we have accumulated a sufficient number of fixes and improvements.

Re: RAM Disk for Windows XP

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Version 4.0.9 released on 2019-05-14 is the last RAM Disk version that supports Windows XP. We have re-uploaded the exe file to the above location, so the link to RAM Disk v4.0.9 is now working again.

Re: Fully volatile system with boot from a RAM disk

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Not with our product. It requires a running copy of Windows to operate and can't be used to boot any OS. Unless you run a virtual machine and place its hard disk image on a RAM Disk, but performance-wise it will not be great.

Re: High CPU usage solution

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in NetGenius Forum

Sorry we were unable to reproduce this issue on a Windows 10 system with Fast Boot. Most likely there is a conflict with another network filter that is initialised at the same time. As a workaround I would suggest: either disabling Fast Boot, or configuring the NetGenius service to start a bit later by changing the Startup Type to Automatic (Delayed Start) in the list of services

Re: Scanning for network printers

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Thanks for the feedback. I am happy to advise that we have implemented Web Services for Devices (WSD) discovery in the latest builds. You can find it under Actions - WSD Device Discovery. It should detect all WSD-capable devices, of which you can select printers and click Scan Devices to scan them in the main window. The bugs with filters and applications have been fixed as well.

Re: Scanning for network printers

8 weeks ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Thank you, the icon issue was just fixed. Not sure how it happened as it's got back by itself after a rebuild. Regarding scanning for printers, I don't think there is a reliable way to say whether a specific device is a printer. You can scan for devices with certain ports open. Alternatively, employ the Nmap integration and scan for all devices. Then filter out those with the device type being

Re: Copy-and-paste IP range bug

8 weeks ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Regardless of this being a habit, it is clearly a bug, as pasting an IP address should result in getting exactly that address. Thank you for reporting it! We have just fixed it and you can download the new builds here.

Re: "Patch Tuesday" and Temp/Tmp folders on a RAM disk

8 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

As far as I know Windows updates use the system temporary folder, which is usually C:\Windows\Temp, instead of the user temporary folder in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp At least, we have never had any problems with updates with user temporary folders TEMP and TMP pointing to a volatile RAM disk.

Re: How to disable update notifications for license renewal

2 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

You can disable this notification altogether by editing %PROGRAMDATA%\SoftPerfect\RAM Disk\ramdisk.xml and setting the renewalpopup parameter to false: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ramdisk> <config> <useraccess>true</useraccess> <locallinks>false</locallinks> <trayicon>true</trayicon> &l

Re: Is it possible to choose which RAM module the RAMdisk will use?

2 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

I am afraid it's not possible to specify which RAM module to use. The Windows kernel API does not support this kind of thing. Having said that, it is possible to configure allocation in a specific NUMA node on multiprocessor systems for better performance.

Re: Feature request: Dark Mode

2 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

The application does not support its own theming. It uses whatever theme the OS is configured to use. I am not sure if there are any good dark themes for Windows, but choosing a High Contrast theme will give you something like this:

Re: Dot behaviour when entering IPs; Search performance

2 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Thank you for pointing these issues out. Regarding the "." symbol for advancing octets. Unfortunately the current behaviour comes from the underlying control we are using. In version 7, it was the native Windows IP address input. In version 8, we had to resort to a cross-platform solution that works on both Windows and macOS. Having said that, we have modified its behaviour so that the

Re: Uptime timezone offset and Options window bugs

2 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Sorry, we weren't able to reproduce the time zone issue. It may be that some systems return local time while others return GMT time. Instead, try using the uptime item from WMI, as it does not depend on time zones: Regarding the settings/import windows showing above the upper edge, this probably has something to do with the component library the application was built upon. In order to ac

Re: Problem with unmounting: disk is currently mounted by another user

2 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

It depends on what you wish to achieve. It just can't be that the program is not installed, but the disk is there. If the disk is present after a reboot, that means the RAM Disk drivers are installed and running. If you want to entirely remove the application, my advice would be as follows. 1) Delete the following registry keys: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\vvramd HKLM\System\Curr

Re: SpeedMeter shows speeds higher than my provider's official numbers

2 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Those bursts don't have much significance, it's just that when you start downloading something, the maximum speed can exceed your ISP's limit for a second or so. In prolonged use, you will not see any difference. But if you measure the speed at the moment of one of those bursts, you can see a significantly higher figure. That is why average numbers give you more realistic information.

Re: Getting "Login failed: incorrect password" message

2 months ago, by Andrew in Bandwidth Manager Forum

The Bandwidth Manager software consists of two components: a Bandwidth Control Service that processes network traffic and enforces bandwidth restrictions, and a Management Console used for configuration and monitoring. When you launch the Management Console, it asks you to enter the name of the host where the Bandwidth Control Service is running and a password. By default, the host name is loc

Re: Network Scanner version 8.0.1

2 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Thank you for reporting the issues. Regarding "minimise", it is the British spelling that is also used here, in Australia. The United States spell it "minimize". In other words, this is just a minor difference between two English dialects. Regarding settings disappearing upon hiding the application into the tray icon, that was indeed a bug. We have just fixed it and uploa

Re: SpeedMeter shows speeds higher than my provider's official numbers

2 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

It is likely that the traffic shaper your ISP is using allows short bursts, i.e. when the maximum rate can exceed the limit for ~1 second. Try displaying the average figures instead, as shown below. This will give you a more realistic picture of what your connection can achieve for downloads: