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Re: Download/Upload label position on taskbar graph

today, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

That's a good point. We have reverted the software to use the original display order (D/U). The alternative order (U/D) can be now set in the hidden settings as shown below. Please download and try the latest build.

Re: Retain sorting in NetScan GUI

yesterday, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

That's a good point. Thank you for the suggestion. We have just updated NetScanner application to remember the sorting order between sessions and maintain it during scanning. You are welcome to download and try the new builds.

Re: How to protect application from being closed via Task Manager

yesterday, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

That's just how operating systems work. If an application is killed from the Task Manager, it does not receive any notifications and it cannot refuse to close. Normally, a workaround for this is revoking user's administrative permissions and running NetWorx under a different user account. In this case the user will not be able to terminate processes of another user. Alternatively, the system

Re: Scan in v8 is slower than in v7

14 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

It's either that the settings are not exactly identical, or you found a regression. It may be some specific scan that is taking time, so I would recommend turning scanning options off one by one until you determine which one is culprit. We can then look into it. If the Display inactive devices is unchecked, but inactive devices are still shown, it is usually because Allow ARP outside current su

Re: The meaning of '2x' in friendly names

24 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Most likely, you have more than one identical names assigned to one device, e.g. once by its IP address and once by its MAC address. You can simply delete the redundant records under Options - Friendly Names / Comments in the main menu. Alternatively, you can set the application to hide duplicate values in Options - View tab, by setting Repeating values in a column to Hide repetitions:

Re: General setup for packet loss

26 days ago, by Andrew in Connection Emulator Forum

If, as you describe, you have Zoom on one laptop and Connection Emulator on the other, it's not going work. Zoom's network packets will travel directly to the Internet and back unaffected. The laptop that has Connection Emulator installed will never receive Zoom packets. The simplest way to make it work is to install both Zoom and Connection Emulator on the same computer. In this case, all or s

Re: The meaning of "Disable hybrid boot" option in the installer

5 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Yes, this will turn off Windows Fast Startup, though the system will still boot comparably fast. It's okay not to disable it, but there may be some side effects like files and folders remaining on a RAM disk after shutdown.

Re: Feature request: Dark Mode

5 weeks ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

That we can do. Simply download the latest build and you should be able to set different fonts to the column headers and data rows.

Re: How to move Windows Temp files to RAM disk

5 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

There are two kinds of TEMP environment variables in Windows: user-level and system-level. The former is used by regular applications you launch. The latter is used by the system and services. When you change the TMP/TEMP variables from the RAM Disk app, it only modifies the user-level variables. This is done for safety, because the system-level temporary folders are crucial for normal operatio

Re: Multi-user access or shared config database

5 weeks ago, by Andrew in Switch Port Mapper Forum

We have updated Port Mapper, and now the portable version can be safely shared over network. The new build can be downloaded here. Simply place it in a writable network folder, and it should handle concurrent access correctly. Opening the first instance will create a lock file. Opening a second instance will result in a message like shown below. Please note that it must be launched from a s

Re: Multi-user access or shared config database

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in Switch Port Mapper Forum

This is indeed a challenging issue. In order to be multi-user friendly Port Mapper would need to handle concurrent additions, deletions and modifications to its data. Yet as you correctly mentioned, it's a single-user piece of software and adding that functionality is far from simple. Instead, we can modify it so that when it's open, it will refuse to open more than one instance. Then you could

Re: RAM disk .IMG file corruption

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Unfortunately it's not that simple. RAM Disk would need to keep a list of blocks somewhere else in an external file, deal with keeping two images up to date, and that's a lot of extra functionality and instability risks for something that is an auxiliary function and something that may not even solve the original problem. On a related note, we did run a continuous cycle of writing random files

Re: RAM disk .IMG file corruption

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

It's a little complicated with writing into two image files. We use partial writing where an image is divided into 2 MB blocks and only changed blocks are written back to the image. For example, if you had a 1 GB image and only a couple of small files were changed, all we need to write is 2-4 MB of the changed blocks rather than the entire image. This greatly reduces SSD's wear-and-tear and increa

Re: RAM disk .IMG file corruption

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Unfortunately it is still unknown why this happens, so we recommend having a frequent backup of any image files. The vast majority of users never have any issues, but there are clearly some who experience this problem. Some users mentioned that they had PC clean-up programs like CCleaner, and those somehow interfered with the image files and caused corruption. Unfortunately we were unable to repro

Re: Enhancing multi-clause filters

8 weeks ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

We have added basic filter editing in the latest builds. This is what it looks like:

Re: Devices on guest network/subnet not detected

8 weeks ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

In your case the router does packet forwarding between 192.168.1.x and 192.168.101.x. They are different subnets, and the ARP protocol used for MAC address resolution does not work across subnets. Since WiFi Guard uses MAC addresses for device identification, it cannot receive any MAC addresses from the guest network. This is why the devices are not listed in its output. You can check this b

Re: Feature request: Internal updater

2 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

At the moment we don't use automatic updaters. The reason behind it is that we prefer the user to make an informed choice, i.e. to check what has changed and decide whether they wish to update or not. But I do agree, your idea makes sense if we could present three options to keep everyone happy: Don't check for updates. Check for updates and update automatically. Check for updates and let the

Re: Device IP addresses don't match the scan results

2 months ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

Sorry, it's hard to tell without seeing it. It has never happened in testing and no one has reported this in years. This theoretically may be the case if you use any WiFi range extenders or repeaters, as these tend to play up with MAC addresses. Would you be able to post a screen shot of WiFi Guard together with a screen shot of your HP computer current IP configuration?

Re: How to export and import the settings

2 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Yes, simply use the backup/restore buttons under Usage Reports, as shown below. These functions back up the entire database, including all settings.

Re: Browser cache relocation for multiple profiles, with specified size

3 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

We don't really know, it's better to ask in the Chrome community. I suppose if you pass --disk-cache-dir and --disk-cache-size, it will apply to the newly created process and its child processes. That is, the effect will be per profile, but again, it's best to ask the Google's community.

Re: Creditential Manager

3 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

It depends on what kind of scan you are using the credentials for, but generally Domain\User or User@Domain should work.

Re: Support for video (GPU) RAM disks

3 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

The rationale for not using GPU is basically what you have just mentioned: It's much slower than RAM and may even be slower than SSDs. It's expensive as GPUs with a lot of VRAM doubled and tripled in price recently. I am not familiar with the "32 GB barrier", e.g. we have a system here with 96 GB of RAM and it's 5 years old. Most modern motherboards should support over 32 GB RAM, e

Re: Feature Request: IP range open and collapse

3 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

It would be difficult to implement as the current implementation assumes that devices are at the root level in the tree and shares folders are at the second level. Anyway, if you want to hide some ranges from the flat list of devices, you can simply add a filter with IP address ranges of interest.

Re: What to do with an unrecognised device?

3 months ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

It's likely that device has a static IP address allocated to it, so it does not ask the router for an address. Normally IP addresses are either assigned automatically via router's DHCP server or manually. Probably your device has a manually assigned IP address.

Re: Motherboard RAM limitations

3 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

I am not sure, it may have been a different ramdisk product. Our RAM Disk can use as much RAM as Windows can use. If Windows somehow sees 128 GB on a 64 GB board, it will work. Otherwise it will not.

Re: Persistent RAM Disk with size larger than available RAM

4 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

A RAM Disk is a block storage that resides entirely in RAM, therefore it can't be larger than available RAM. I guess what you are looking for is a pass-through disk cache, in which case this product might help. Please note that we are not related to that company in any way, and this is not a recommendation or endorsement of that product, merely a suggestion.

Re: SNMP offline monitoring

4 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Unfortunately there is no way to get the offline data. The reason for that is download/upload counters in SNMP are 32-bit values, so they roll over every 4 GB transferred (2^32). Say, if when you turned off the computer the download counter was 100,000 and after you turned it back on it was 200,000 we cannot reliably tell how many times the counter rolled over during the time offline. In other

Re: RAM Disk and RAID 0

4 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

No I am afraid a RAM disk can't be used in RAID array. But even if it were possible, it would make little sense. While RAID0 can be created with disks of differing sizes, but the storage space added to the array by each disk is limited to the size of the smallest disk. For example, if a 16 GB RAM disk is striped together with a 100 GB SDD, the size of the array will be 32 GB (16 GB × 2). A

Re: Launch minimized to tray

4 months ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

Simply add the /hide parameter to wifiguard.exe. It will then start minimised. If no parameter is given, it assumes a regular start and shows its main window.

Re: Launch minimized to tray

4 months ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

It sounds like you are trying to automatically start WiFi Guard from your own shortcut or registry entry. Instead, simply tick the corresponding option in WiFi Guard's settings as shown below. After reboot it will start minimised to the notification area: