Technical error preventing use: "A name contained an invalid character"

Started by Nic G

I was able to use the program until I started recently getting these errors making it unusable.

When I first open the program now I get this error:
A name contained an invalid character.
Line: 191

Followed by this error:
Access violation at address 00000000009BA2CC in module 'netscan.exe'.
Read of address 000000000000000000. (the number of zeroes are off)

And when I try to click mostly anything I get a different variation of the error above. I've tried deleting the application and re-downloading it but the issue stays. Is there a settings folder I can delete? I can't use a different computer or reinstall windows.
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Re: "A name contained an invalid character" error   28 August 2015, 15:37

The config file got damaged somehow. Find netscan.xml, usually it would be in My Documents folder or in the application folder, remove it and it will be working again.

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