Error when downloading MAC-address or NIC database

Started by Joseph C

Joseph C

Error when downloading MAC-address or NIC database   02 September 2018, 12:26

I have selected the Lookup Network Card Vendor option in the software. When I try to do a scan I get the notice telling me that the software is going to download the MAC address database. Then I get a error that says "Security Problem Occurred". And the scan is canceled.

If I deselect the Network Card Vendor option, scans work as expected. What ca I do to fox this this error message?
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Re: Error when downloading MAC-address or NIC database   02 September 2018, 12:32

It appears to be caused by an Internet Explorer configuration issue, as the Network Scanner uses its API to download files.

As a workaround you can easily download the file manually.

Then, if you are using the installed version, unzip the downloaded OUI.TXT to:
C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\SoftPerfect Network Scanner\
If you are using the portable version, unzip OUI.TXT into the folder with the application.

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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