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Computers with Windows 10 1809 missing in scan results

Started by Armand


I am running the trial of Network Scanner and encountered an issue where any Windows computer running windows 10 version 1809 does not show up on the scan. Previous versions of windows (1709, 1703, 1607, etc.) all show up. I have even setup targeted IP ranges, but the 1809 machines still do not appear.

Firewall was turned on all versions of Windows and yet 1809 is the only one NetScan cannot see. If Firewall is disabled entirely, the computer shows up in a scan. (Yet this did not have to be done on previous versions of Windows 10.)

Wondering if there is a limitation on Network Scanner on Windows 10 1809?
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Re: Computers with Windows 10 1809 missing in scan results   04 January 2019, 11:24

It sounds like there is a firewall issue in Windows 10 1809, as only those computers don't respond to ping. Not responding to ping obviously leaves those machines undetected by scanning.

We found a similar discussion on where the admin needed to be able to ping machines running v1809 - Pinging Windows 10 machine:

I've got some basic Windows 10 boxes at remote sites used for diagnostics, accessed via RDP over a VPN tunnel (they aren't domain-joined). I need to be able to ping them to quickly check they are online. Until now, it's simply been a case of turning on Echo for IPv4 (Private) in the advanced settings of the Window firewall. However, on the most recent machine (clean install of 1809) this doesn't work.

There is a proposed solution in this blog - Bring Back PING in Win10 1803:

...some upgraded systems lost their ability to respond to a PING from the LAN, but I figured out how to bring back PING in Win10 1803.

PING relies on the ICMP Echo command. On my affected machines, running Windows Defender and its firewall, the Inbound rules for File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request) for both ICMPv4-In and ICMPv6-In were not enabled for any profile.

I enabled Private and Domain for both IPv4 and IPv6, but left public turned off (a PING response on a Public network is an invitation to attack!). If you find yourself in the situation where you can see a local PC using arp or nbtstat, but it won't respond to a PING, odds are excellent that this fix will help you, too.

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