Network Scanner licence questions

Started by Oleksii


Network Scanner licence questions   22 October 2019, 11:03

I would like to purchase your Network Scanner product and have a few questions:
  1. How is license activation happening? Permanent online check?
  2. Is Home License binding to the computer?
  3. Can I keep the Network Scanner purchased under the Single Device license on a flash drive?
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Re: Network Scanner licence questions   22 October 2019, 11:27

Our products are designed to make the customers' life easier, not to complicate it. To achieve that, we set reasonable boundaries in our DRM that respect customer privacy, autonomy and evolving needs. So the answers to your questions are:
  1. The licence is validated off-line and does not require Internet connection.
  2. The licence is not linked to your computer or singular hardware components, and thus can be moved to a new computer when required, or you can replace parts of your computer without affecting the licence.
  3. You can keep the portable edition on a flash drive (along with the licence) and run the Scanner from there. This is the main point of portability, as we see it.
    The Single Device license requires that the Scanner is located and run from one device at any given time. Such "device" can be a stationary computer, a laptop, or a flash drive, external HDD, USB stick, etc. Many on-call computer technicians use our Network Scanner this way, by purchasing a Single Device Business Licence. Single Device Home Licence is the same, except that it should not be used outside of private/domestic environment or with the intention to generate income.

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