Feature request: Dark Mode

Started by Mick H

Mick H

Feature request: Dark Mode   08 April 2021, 18:04

Hi Team,

Long time user of the last free version of NetScan. Recently convinced our business to purchase licences. Love it! Keep up the good work smile

NetScan is one of the last programs I use that doesn't have a DarkMode option. Any chance of adding one please?

I know I can change the colours of the scan results and can achieve a faux dark mode that way, but that is sub-par, as:
a) the GUI elements are still bright white - a garish reminder of the lack of a true DarkMode.
b) the column headers disappear (white on white) if I set my scan results text to White.
... Next best compromise is Silver, but that still leaves results (and column headers) hard-ish to read.

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Re: Feature request: Dark Mode   08 April 2021, 18:09

The application does not support its own theming. It uses whatever theme the OS is configured to use.

I am not sure if there are any good dark themes for Windows, but choosing a High Contrast theme will give you something like this:

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Mick H

Re: Feature request: Dark Mode   08 April 2021, 19:14

Yes, I've noticed the application does not support its own theming, hence the feature request wink

Actually not even its own theming... I'm suggesting NetScan should simply honour the Windows 10 system setting of Light or Dark
[ Settings > Personalisation > Colours > Choose your Colour: Light / Dark ]

Many apps do, and I think it would be excellent if NetScan did too.

Re: Feature request: Dark Mode   29 May 2021, 23:03

I think "row color" from view menu is enough. Theming not important or useful.

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