How to create persistent folders on a RAM disk

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How to create persistent folders on a RAM disk   29 August 2017, 21:53

Hi, when I choose to use an Image File (Name) with the Ramdisk, the File System > Create Folders option is grayed out. When I create a folder manually on the ramdrive, this information is not persistent after a reboot. Can anyone expain why this is?
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How to create persistent folders on a RAM disk   29 August 2017, 22:17

There are two types of RAM disk that can be created:
  1. A volatile disk. This is where you specify a size, file system, folders, compression and so on. Once the system restarts or shuts down, all contents from this disk will be gone.
  2. A persistent disk. This is where you specify an image file which is read to populate the RAM disk. If the relevant setting is ticked, any changes will be written back to the image file on shutdown.
As a persistent disk's contents is read from an image file, you can't specify folders to be created because the entire file system is read from the image file.

Depending on your requirements, you may want to choose one of these:
  • If you want some pre-defined folders created and all changes to be discarded on shutdown, use a regular RAM disk without an image file.
  • If you want all RAMdisk contents to be saved between sessions like on a normal hard drive, use an image file to create a persistent disk as described in this article.
  • If you want to have pre-defined folders, files and custom permissions, but all subsequent changes to the disk to be discarded on shutdown, please see this article.

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