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How to create persistent RAM disks with contents preserved between sessions

Although RAM disks are volatile in nature and their contents disappear upon shutdown, they can be made persistent to preserve their contents between sessions. Here is how it's done:

  1. Create an image file that will keep your data when the computer is powered off or restarted. To do so, go to Image – Create Image and create one of the required size.
  2. Create a regular RAM disk, and in the Image File Name field choose the image file you created above.
  3. Tick Save Contents to Image.
  4. Click OK. The app will create a RAM disk with contents read from the image file.

Any changed disk blocks will be written back to the image upon shutdown or reboot, and restored next time the system starts.

We recommend that you periodically back up the image file with your data in it, to protect yourself from accidental data loss, for example, if a system failure occurs while writing to the image.

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