Wipe Memory on Dismount option missing

Started by Carsten K

Carsten K

Wipe Memory on Dismount option missing   12 August 2018, 17:52

I just wanted to ask whether the wipe memory on exit option that is mentioned in the user manual ("Tick Wipe Memory on Dismount to securely wipe out the memory used for the disk on dismounting the disk.") is actually implemented.

The checkbox is not visible in my installation nor in the screenshots used in the user manual.

If that feature exists I actually would like to use it.
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Re: Wipe Memory on Dismount option missing   12 August 2018, 17:56

The availability of this option depends on the type of RAM disk used:
  • A boot-time RAM disk that is mounted on system boot. This type of disk is created by default and the "wipe memory" option is not there because it's simply not necessary. A boot-time RAM disk is unmounted just before the system shuts down or restarts and all RAM is then usually wiped by a built-in BIOS memory test.
  • A logon-time RAM disk that is mounted when a user logs on and unmounted when a user logs off. Since logging off keeps the system running, some RAM disk data may potentially stay in the memory that is marked as unallocated. The wipe memory option can be selected for logon-time disks and this will zero-fill the memory before returning it to the system.

To create a logon-time disk, please choose Disk - Add from the main menu and the "wipe memory" option will be there. Having said that, we generally recommend to use a boot-time disk instead, so that it's created early in system boot and can be used by Windows services, for %TEMP% files, etc.

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