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RAM disk is listed but not mounted after reboot

Started by Philip


RAM disk is listed but not mounted after reboot   21 November 2018, 17:14

We are using the RAM Disk for our IBM Notes client. When the disk isn't mounted automatically users cannot use their email client software.

Typically the disk is listed in the RAM Disk Software, but not mounted. I can click the Save button and the disk will mount, or restart the OS and the disk will mount normally. Sometimes when clicking the Save button to mount the disk the program hangs, but still successfully creates the link to the disk.

What can we do to troubleshoot this problem?
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Re: RAM disk is listed but not mounted after reboot   21 November 2018, 17:18

This could be caused by some temporary startup condition (ether the OS configuration or other software) that prevents the RAM disk from being mounted on boot.

As a simple workaround, try to create and use a logon-time RAM disk, which is mounted later, when a user logs on rather than on system startup. To create a new RAM disk, choose Disk - Add (not Add Boot Disk) and configure it similarly.

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