Using RAM Disk to speed up video editing

Started by Paul25


Using RAM Disk to speed up video editing   19 March 2019, 15:21

Can I use RAMdisk for video editing? I want to make 1 or 3 RAM drives for small HD videos. Two for storage and one for rendering, or just one for rendering with 2 HDs.
I have 24GB 1800 DDR3 RAM, two 1GB sata3 HDs, two 120 SSDs sata3 raid0, two 240G SSD sata6 raid0 for Windows 10 Pro, Intel X990 i7 3.4 Ghz, Nvidia GTX970 and Asus P6x58d-e MB.
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Re: Using RAM Disk to speed up video editing   20 March 2019, 00:27

You can of course, but the gains in productivity will really depend on the editing software you are using.

If the software creates a lot of temporary files in Windows %TEMP% folder, or if it can be configured to use a specific drive for its cache, then RAM Disk can be beneficial. Simply speaking, a RAM disk is just a very fast disk-like device backed by RAM. It will benefit applications and operations involving heavy I/O, especially with data temporary in nature.

I recommend checking this beginner's guide, that may help you better understand how it works and what advantages to expect.

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