Bulk and redistribution licensing options

Started by Jon


Bulk and redistribution licensing options   17 October 2019, 12:01

Our company sells a product that benefits from the use of a RAM disk; and we'd like to explore the pricing/licensing options of bundling SoftPerfect RAM Disk with this product that we sell to customers. We sell about a dozen or so of these products a year (volume is small); however we also need to be able to build the system using automated tooling (such as Chef/Ansible); so either a volume license, or a blanket redistribution license would be preferred. We also will need to distribute internally for developers and testing.

What are our options?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Bulk and redistribution licensing options   17 October 2019, 12:06

It sounds like our OEM licence would be a perfect choice. Its definition is as follows:

"OEM Licence grants an organisation, or agents of an organisation, rights to use and distribute the software with their own hardware or software products. These products must provide substantial additional functionality to this software, and not include any potentially unwanted programs."

The OEM licence comes with 1 year of software updates and permits any number of installations and bundling with your product. There are also update options: with 3 years of software updates and unlimited software updates.

It is also possible to automate RAM Disk deployment and configuration via a command-line interface. We have a few customers who ship our RAM Disk with their hardware and software solutions and put it in their systems via scripts.

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