Running SCE as a service

Started by procisco


Running SCE as a service   14 August 2015, 23:54

Hello, I'm a new user of your Connection Emulator software. I would like to have SCE running all the time. Is there an option to make it a service? I believe that adding a shortcut to startup will launch SCE, but then a user will have to manually click "start". The host PC is occasionally rebooted for maintenance in off hours and I would like SCE to be running after the reboot without user intervention.

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John k.
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Re: Running SCE as a service   15 August 2015, 18:59

Unfortunately it can't run as a service as it was designed to be an interactive application. There's however a way to launch it automatically, please see command line switches at the bottom of this document. You could either use /runtime:X where X is a large number or save the current config to a XML file and feed it in the command line.

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