Intruder or a bug?

Started by Merton


Intruder or a bug?   27 January 2013, 08:04

Hello !
I just had something really weird with this soft. All of a sudden 7 unknowns devices have appeared then disappeared. They all had their Mac at 00:00:00:00:00 which is really disturbing.
I tried to ping the IP given by Soft Guard but apparently nothing was found.
And now it's 32 unknown devices that have appeared.

Is it a bug ? Or something really bad is happening in the neighbourhood ?

Thanks !
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Re: Intruder or a bug?   27 January 2013, 09:12

Most likely it's a bug, but I need to see a screenshot of this happening.

If possible, please take a screenshot and post it here.

Intruder or bug ?   28 January 2013, 05:33

Greetings, great and usefull product!

I had the exact same symptoms, and it appears that the vpn connection (along with a remote desktop link) I had running was the culprit. The IP addresses didn't make sense with regards to the vpn connection i.e. not in the same subnet, but they were in the range of my home network. It also seems that the bogus addresses were not pingable by me.

Perhaps a coincidence, but so far it appears that the issue is corrected.

unknown device   22 June 2013, 04:43

Hi, my guard poped up with an unknown device how do I delete or block it from coming back ?
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Intruder or bug ?   22 June 2013, 14:44

Unfortunately it isn't really possible to block those devices from our software.

Your router however may have this feature, just log into its web-interface and look for something like 'MAC address filter' or 'blacklist', where you can block these devices.

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