Unrecognised device

Started by Gary Martin

Gary Martin

Unrecognised device   27 November 2013, 02:06

I keep getting an unknown devise listed on the WiFi Guard and I cannot identify or eliminate it. I have tried reject filtering the MAC address on my ASUS RT-N56U wireless router, but it has no effect. I tried both reject filter mode with just that MAC address and accept only filter mode with all but that address and it still connects to my router and shows up on the WiFi Guard. I have tested reject mode on other devices and they drop off the list, but this one never does. I have a wireless Brother printer that has the same wireless device manufacturer, but when I turned off that printer, it dropped off the list, but the unknown device did not. Any idea what this devise is and why I cannot MAC filter it? I have WPA2 and AES protection, so I can't figure our how some unknown device is still showing up.
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Re: Unrecognised device   27 November 2013, 14:08

Does it list a number or triple hyphen in the Response Time column in WiFi Guard?

If it's three hyphens, it means the device was detected through so called ARP cache. In this case it may indicate the device was there some time ago, but may not currently be present.

You could try turning the printer off, then launching a command prompt as admin and type
arp -d *
This will flush the ARP cache. After that rescan your network with WiFi Guard and the unknown device will probably be gone.

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