Missing network adapter

Started by desert salmander

Missing network adapter   06 January 2014, 03:54

hi. wifi guard worked fine when i first used it, 3 or 4 months ago. when i fired it up today, i saw that my wifi Realtek network adapter is missing. this might be because of visual studio express with hyper-v which i installed a few weeks ago. the hyper-v virtual network drivers might have screwed things up. tried fully uninstalling and reinstalling wifi guard but no luck. maybe it might work if i do a registry clean up but thought its better if you knew about this rather than me fixing it for myself.

edit: forgot to mention. i'm using windows 8 pro 64 bit on an intel processor. the wifi adapter is realtek.
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Re: missing network adapter   06 January 2014, 10:13

That's quite strange.

Could you please provide complete output of ipconfig /all launched in a command prompt?

Re: missing network adapter   14 February 2014, 02:45

really sorry about the late reply. i'm checking my mail for the first time in over a month. hope you didn't break your head over this cos the issue turned out to be deceptively simple.

did an ipconfig check as you asked and bloody hell, its that bloody hyper-v. none of my 'real' adaptors show up. only the hyper-v virtual ports appear. with one of the hyper-v ports showing the local ip assigned by my wireless router. choosing this network and scanning it with wifi guard works without issues.

but why are my real ports missing? last i saw, they were present in "Network Connections" !?
Answer: a check with network connections confirms that the 'real ports' are indeed present, but are bridged with hyper-v's virtual ports.
they've all been bridged in a config that presents the virtual port as the primary port and the real port as the secondary port. gawd knows why.

again, really sorry about the late reply. hope you didn't waste too much time trying to solve this non-issue.

it would be kinda nice if wifi guard can mention that an adaptor is actually a bridged adaptor - if that's possible.

thanks for the great software!

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