Sound alarm problem

Started by Guy


Sound alarm problem   22 October 2014, 19:50

Wifiguard paramĂȘtre " to play sound the detection ", after starting up cuts the sounds of Windows 7 and also those of the files mp3 or videos for audio card(map) BeatAudio and IDT.
By deleting(eliminating) the parameter, the sound returns that after redemarage.
Cordially Guy (French)
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Re: Sound Alarm   22 October 2014, 20:10

Sorry, but, from your message, I don't quite understand what is happening.

Re: Sound Alarm   23 October 2014, 00:49

at home if parameter to play sound mp3 in wifiguard, I have no more of his(her,its) video radio or its event Windows etc...
My configuration is Windows 7 with sound card audio beat
if not paremeter sound in wifiguard, I have sounds mp3 or wav....

Sorry my english is learn at school.
By by Guy

Re: Sound Alarm   23 October 2014, 03:22

After reading this several times, I think he is trying to say that Windows stops playing sound from other applications after WiFi Guard plays the alert.

Re: Sound Alarm   23 October 2014, 03:34

yes giyf,

Now, I test this solution in win7 parameter sound
Right click on the loudspeaker - > Ring road(Peripheral) of reading
- Select "Loudspeakers" who(which) corresponds to your sound card
- Right click - > Properties
- Tab " advanced Statistics "
- Shoot " Authorize the applications to take the exclusive control of this ring road(peripheral) "
- Confirm in clicking "Appliquer", then "OK"

Goodbye you will say if resolute problem

Re: Sound Alarm   23 October 2014, 03:49

I recommend that you use a WAV sound file from 'C:\Windows\Media', not an MP3.

Re: Sound Alarm   23 October 2014, 17:06

Hello, this morning after notebook starting up win7, I had well sounds Windows and I could listen to music mp3, with paremeter sound in Wifiguard.
Resolute (solved) subject, good continuation.

Re: Sound Alarm   18 June 2016, 06:14

I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to thank you for the correct answer. The program seems to only play wav files not mp3s.

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