WiFi Guard - Bless you!

Started by ThomasinaP


WiFi Guard - Bless you!   01 February 2015, 09:52

I just wanted to say thank you for this terrific program!
It is simple enough for ANYONE to use it effectively, and it offers so much peace of mind. I was having a problem -- suspected to be a neighborhood kid gaming on my network. In configuring my router I forgot a couple of things that were important to set (like "allow this computer only" to connect to the router plus a few tweaks to my Win firewall banning Remote management)... heh. When at the height of my web-crawling frustration I downloaded and ran your program, I saw an unknown device and MAC I knew he was back again... lol. So THIS time I tried to cover all the bases and have been reassured by WFG that I did it RIGHT this time laugh

Yay for me and YAY for WFG! Outstanding program with a most excellent price for those of us (seniors) who are on budgets! laugh
Thank you so VERY much!
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Re: WiFi Guard - Bless you!   01 February 2015, 11:51

Thank you for your kind words. We as a small company really appreciate it. All the best and happy using our software smile

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