Multiple IP displayed for one MAC address

Started by Will


Multiple IP displayed for one MAC address   15 December 2017, 14:44

When my Samsung Smart TV is on, the WiFi Guard scan displays several unauthorized devices, all with different IP addresses and the same MAC address. When the TV is off, it shows one Samsung TV.

If I check this device in properties as "known", then turn the TV on and run a scan, WiFi Guard shows green buttons for all these multiple devices.

Could you please explain the situation?
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Re: Multiple IP displayed for one MAC address   15 December 2017, 14:55

It is pretty common for some TVs to take up multiple IP addresses. It is unclear why they do it. We have received similar reports from Amazon Fire TV owners. Here is a discussion about Samsung TV taking over multiple IP addresses on the network.

You can safely ignore these multiple entries, since WiFi Guard identifies devices by MAC address and it does not matter how many IP addresses were allocated to the same device.

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