Issue with Google thinking it's a less secure app

Started by Ruud


I have a problem with Google mail blocking emails generated by WiFi Guard because it thinks that this app is less secure.

I rather not change the setting in Google to allow less secure apps because Google will keep nudging "We don't recommend this option because it can make it easier for someone to break into your account." Is there anything else I can do?

Please advise.
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Re: Issue with Google thinking it's a less secure app   26 March 2018, 13:04

This issue is due to the fact that Google normally uses the so-called OAuth mechanism, which is generally considered more secure. It provides authorisation without disclosing the password. For example, the user can give another site access to the data in their facebook or twitter account, but with OAuth that third-party site doesn't get to "see" the user password and thus shouldn't be able to misuse or compromise it.

This situation however does not apply to WiFi Guard, so it doesn't support OAuth. It works with the good old user name and password combination to send emails. If this is a concern, we recommend to use your ISP's SMTP server rather than Google's. Your ISP's SMTP server will either require no authentication at all, or a user name and password that can be entered in WiFi Guard.
Using my ISP's SMTP server solves my problem. Thanks for your quick response!


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