"Unable to create file" when exporting device data

Started by Thomas

I bought WiFi Guard. It is a great tool and is working fine.

As the license allows to install it on a second machine, I thought I make an export of my device list and import it to the second computer. But the export ends with this error every time I try: "Unable to create file /Users/.../Documents/WiFi.xml". Same happens whether I export CSV or XML.

I bought WiFi Guard via Apple AppStore, version 2.1.2, using it on macOS.

Many greetings from Germany
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Re: "Unable to create file" when exporting device data   16 March 2020, 13:53

We have just re-tested the export function in the latest version (2.1.2) and the file was exported successfully. Here is a couple of reasons why the error may be happening on your mac:
  • Apple AppStore apps run in a sandbox and it may prevent the app from writing and reading external files in user-specified locations. If that is the case, try searching your entire disk for WiFi Guard.DB. This file can be transferred to the new machine to replace the existing database.
  • There may be incorrect permissions set for your User and/or Documents folder. Try saving the XML file to a different location, e.g. a USB stick. Alternatively, you can try correcting macOS permissions.

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