Dealing with unidentifiable devices

Started by Patricia


Dealing with unidentifiable devices   02 December 2020, 12:30

I have two devices that have appeared on my network in the last few days and I am at loss to know how to identify them. The only information displayed in the scan results table is the IP addressees ( and and MAC addresses (3A-19-ED-3B-00-E8 and ED-24-08-9D-07-D8).

I tried to id the supplier by the MAC address, but there is no information at all. Do you have any other software that would give me more information and/or enable me to boot them off the network until I can work out what they are?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Kind regards,
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Re: Dealing with unidentifiable devices   02 December 2020, 12:53

The simplest way to identify the devices would be to think of what in your place has access to the Internet. Many devices that were isolated in the past can now connect to the Internet, such as house alarms, fridges, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, etc. So if you have any of such 'smart' home appliances, keep them in mind too.

If the device is hard to identify from its detected name, or if there is no name, turning various devices off and on one by one and re-checking WiFi Guard device list after each switch may help to find out what is what.

If you still have no idea what some devices are, you can change your WiFi password in your router to stop those devices from using your network; or, if your router supports blocking devices by MAC address, you can block those devices in your router. On the other hand, MAC addresses can be forged, which can make blacklisting ineffective. Instead, if your WiFi password has been compromised, it is better to change it, and then strengthen the WiFi security by:
  • using WPA2, not WPA or WEP;
  • choosing a strong and secure password that is hard to guess;
  • disabling WPS in your router, as has known vulnerabilities.

Re: Dealing with unidentifiable devices   04 December 2020, 20:37

Thank you for the advice and the explanations. Thanks to you I discovered that my old WI-FI modem/router was set to WPA. It was installed long ago, so I have no recollection of how that setting came to be. I just changed it to WPA2, so hopefully everything is much more secure now.

I would also like to compliment you on having an optional registration for this site. Not that I had to leave this message, but if I really needed some help, it is nice not to be forced into creating an account, unlike everywhere else.

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