Network scanning suddenly became very slow

Started by Patricia


Network scanning suddenly became very slow   19 October 2021, 17:52

I've used WiFi Guard for years and it's always been fantastic but recently (can't say it was from the last upgrade or not) it's become so slow it's nearly impossible to use. There are about 20 devices on my home network and to scan these it takes about 20 minutes. This is not normal but I can't find out what's causing this delay. Any thoughts and or advice much appreciated.

On a different subject WiFi Guard picks up a couple of devices that I don't know. Have checked the MAC addresses and they are not listed on any database. Again any thought and advice on how to work out what these are would be great. Have tried the turn everything off/on and still haven't cracked it.

Thanks everyone,
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Re: Network scanning suddenly became very slow   22 October 2021, 09:59

Would you be able to post a screen shot of your WiFi Guard settings?

In particular I need to see the Network Adapter section from the Basic tab in the Settings (highlighted below). It sounds like you may be scanning a virtual network, which may also explain the unknown MAC addresses.

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