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Feature suggestion: Customisable sender for email alerts

Started by Jeremy

WiFi Guard has the ability to send an email when an unknown device is detected. An improvement would be to allow the use of a sending address that is different from the account user name. For instance, I would like the email to be sent from wifi_guard@some.provider.mail, but if that is not my user name, the program can't do it.

Please include this feature with the next software update.

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Re: Feature suggestion: Customisable sender for email alerts   21 December 2021, 15:34

Many SMTP servers do not allow specifying a non-existent or someone else's sender email address. Therefore, we have instead updated WiFi Guard, so that it would use the product name as sender for emails. This change comes with a simplified SMTP setup where you only need to provide the recipient address, and there is no need to enter the username and password.

In WiFi Guard Settings, on the E-mail tab, simply tick Use automatic settings. After that, WiFi Guard will be using our SMTP server and the emails will be coming from WiFi Guard (

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