WiFi Guard Pre-Release

Started by Buddel

WiFi Guard Pre-Release   31 January 2023, 04:02

A new WiFi Guard pre-release was published on 27 Jan 2023. Is there a changelog for the new build? Just curious.
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Re: WiFi Guard Pre-Release   31 January 2023, 08:31

There were a couple of tiny improvements, which have subsequently been added to the official release files available for download from WiFi Guard product page. The changes were so small that they did not earn a changelog entry and a version number increase.

If you have already got the latest version, you can keep using it without updating anything. But if you download the current application files, you will see that the "Info" column has been renamed to "Comment", to make its meaning a bit clearer and in line with the Properties dialogue. Some new users with multiple network adapters may also notice that selecting the correct adapter at the first launch of the app became a bit easier (this will not affect any existing users, as they have already selected the correct adapter).

These changes will be carried over to the next official release and, depending on what else changes at that stage, they may get reflected in the changelog in some way.

Re: WiFi Guard Pre-Release   01 February 2023, 03:46

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.smile

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