Block unknown MAC addresses in the router

Started by Korey


Block unknown MAC addresses in the router   15 April 2024, 10:45

Quick question/potential feature update: I have been brainstorming a possible custom process to automatically add detected unknown MAC addresses to by block-list in my router (via SSH or Telnet), however, there is a dependency on WiFi Guard being able to pass the MAC address as a parameter/variable to the "execute command on detection".
Do you know if this feature is currently enabled? If not, I think it would be a great feature, with an additional checkbox to send the MAC address to the executed command as an option.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
This application is awesome!!!! If I could only get my family to ensure their devices are using their device MAC instead of randomized. smile
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Re: Block unknown MAC addresses in the router   15 April 2024, 10:55

Thank you for your feedback.

Implementing a custom process to automatically add unknown MAC addresses to your router's block list is a valid approach. However, passing the MAC address as a parameter to the "execute command on detection" feature would be quite complicated. This is because multiple unknown MAC addresses can be detected in a single scan. Executing multiple commands simultaneously with different MAC addresses might result in a large number of processes in the system and potential concurrency issues.

As an alternative, the list of unknown MAC addresses can be directly accessed from the WiFi Guard database. This database is a standard SQLite database, can be queried using various tools and scripts, and can be opened using any SQLite3 compatible tool. It is located in
%APPDATA%\SoftPerfect\WiFi Guard

If your goal is to automatically block new MAC addresses, you might consider reversing this concept by listing all known MAC addresses in your router's whitelist. Consequently, any MAC address not included in this list would be automatically blocked. This method could streamline the process and reduce the complexity associated with individual MAC address detection and blocking.

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