How to see which programs are using my Internet and block them

Started by Philip K

Hi, I have NetWorx and want to ask about the new NetGenius:
  • Will NetGenius show me what programs are downloading or using the network?
  • Can NetGenius help me to stop a program from using the Internet permanently or temporarily?
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Re: How to see which programs are using my Internet and block them   11 November 2019, 14:31

  • Yes, NetGenius will show you all programs that are using your network in real-time. It will also provide you with long-term logs and statistics.
  • Yes, with NetGenius you can blacklist a program temporarily or permanently to prevent it from accessing the Internet.

By the way, NetGenius is available as a fully-functional 30-day trial that you can download from its home page. This means you can install and use if for the whole month absolutely free of any charge or obligations, check how these functions work and see if you are happy with all other features it offers.

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