NMCore.exe process and its network activity

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NMCore.exe process and its network activity   11 February 2020, 09:47

I use Sysinternals Windows Process Explorer to monitor programs' activities. I have NetGenius installed, and therefore have its components' processes NMCore.exe and NMGUI.exe showing in Process Explorer.

My question is about NMCore.exe network activity. The Process Explorer shows more than 500MB in "Network Send Bytes" column for NMCore.exe. This data accumulated in less than 10 hours. What is it sending?

I have disabled remote connection during setup. I'm currently using NetGenius trial version 1.0.1 64-bit on Windows 10 64-bit desktop.

Thank you
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Re: NMCore.exe process and its network activity   11 February 2020, 09:57

NMCore.exe itself is not sending anything. It captures other apps' traffic from Windows kernel, processes it, and then reinjects it back after processing. Windows Process Explorer simply sees this activity as if the process was sending its own traffic.

If it is a concern to you, I recommend trying the latest build that implements a different and much faster packet processing method when NetGenius is used in monitoring mode: if there are no assigned priorities/limits and no blocked apps, NetGenius will be able to save a lot of CPU resources and will not be "sending" anything in Process Explorer's point of view.
Please note that if you have some limits set or apps blocked, there will be no change in performance. You would need to undo all limits, allow blocked apps, and reboot for the improvements to take effect.

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