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Started by Danny


IP address history/log   10 March 2020, 17:09

Dear SoftPerfect,

I switched from NetWorx to NetGenius as I love the insight it gives me into the connections that are being made. What I am missing though is a place to see any logging/history on the IP addresses that have been contacted. I can see it in real time, but no historic data. I would love to see this as well as it can help with some troubleshooting issues.

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Re: IP address history/log   10 March 2020, 17:18

Historic records are not a part of NetGenius, and we are not planning to implement this feature because:
  1. It is relatively rarely needed.
  2. It is rarely usable (an application like web-browser or torrent client would create hundreds of thousands records).
  3. A large number of records will result in a large database (some users of NetWorx, where this feature is present, complained about 25+ GB database file after just a few months).

Re: IP address history/log   10 March 2020, 17:27

Since I also have a NetWorx license, I reinstalled it to see if it indeed does IP logging. However I cannot see where to access that.

I tried to enable logging but it only showed me usage info, not actual connections on IP and Application level. Can you tell me how to do this?
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Re: IP address history/log   10 March 2020, 17:39

NetWorx doesn't keep a log as such, but rather a per-application per-IP address statistics.

To see it, you need to be using the installed version of NetWorx (the portable version doesn't have this feature because it requires a driver to be installed). Then go to Settings and enable the Ignore local traffic within the LAN setting. After that, you should be able to see applications and their per-IP address usage as shown below:

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