How to use NetGenius on multiple devices

Started by David


How to use NetGenius on multiple devices   09 April 2020, 13:06

I have downloaded a trial version of NetGenius on my Win 7 desktop and I am very pleased with it. I also want to see if I can manage two Win 10 devices from my Win 7 desktop, but there does not seem to be any way to do that from the trial version.

If I purchase the personal home licence of NetGenius for upto 5 devices,
1. will that then give me multidevice capability?
2. can I install NetGenius on 5 devices without trying to manage them all from one computer, but manage them separately on each device without having to buy 5 different licences?

Thanks. NetGenius is very helpful.
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Re: How to use NetGenius on multiple devices   09 April 2020, 14:02

The multi-device capability is available in the trial version as well (there is no difference in functionality between the trial and licensed version, except that the free trial is limited to 30 days). Here is how you can use it:

First of all, it is important to know that NetGenius consists of two components: Management Console and System Service. These components can communicate over your local area network. Now:
  1. Install System Service on all the computers you want to manage.
  2. Install both System Service and Management Console on the computer you want to manage from (you have done this already). You can choose to have just the Management Console installed on the managing computer if you want to use it for monitoring other computers only, excluding the managing computer itself.
  3. Now you can connect from the Management Console to the System Services on other computers. Click "Connect to" and you should be able to choose those computers from a drop-down list. If none are shown, try entering their name or IP address.
Alternatively, you can install and manage NetGenius separately on each device. Our standard up to 5 devices licence covers both cases (i.e. 5 computers managed from one, or 5 computers managed independently).

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