Feature suggestion: Log data usage by remote server

Started by Lucas

Hi guys!

Can we have an option to log the data usage by remote connection?
For instance: Skype. I'm able to see the data usage history for the whole 'Skype' app. But what I mean is having the ability to see the data usage by connection as well:
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I know that this might increase drastically the size of the database file. But this could be an optional feature. This could help us to track where the software programs that we use are sending data.

Also, I'm a software engineer and I'm offering myself to help you guys to implement this if you wish. smile

Hope you all have a great day!
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Re: Feature suggestion: Log data usage by remote server   30 June 2020, 10:56

We might be able to add this as an option, but you are right - the database will be huge. We had similar functionality in NetWorx where we kept data on a per application - per IP address - per day/hour basis. That is, how much data an application sent to a specific IP address on a certain hour of a certain day.

For those who used P2P applications like BitTorrent the database grew to multiple gigabytes. I guess we can store data per application per IP address, without tying it to a specific day and time. In this case it should be much more compact and you will be able to see all IP addresses the application communicated with (but not when it happened). What do you think?
Sounds perfect to me smile

Can you guys save the host name as well? Like auth.microsoft.com, instead of the IP address (or maybe both)? This would be also cool smile

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